What Color are You Wearing to the Solar Eclipse?

It’s hard to believe that the 2024 Great North American Solar Eclipse is only one week away on Monday, April 8! The eclipse can be seen on Sanibel and Captiva beginning at 12:46 PM, peaking at 2:03 PM and finishing at 4:13 PM. For those of us in Southwest Florida, it is always a good idea to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes from the glorious sunshine we enjoy, but it will be even more important to wear special “solar eclipse glasses” that are ISO approved for the direct observation of the sun. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by the VIP Realty offices, 1560 Periwinkle as we have a few extra pairs you can use. Even though we will only experience 52.2% of the eclipse, it is still critical that you observe the moon blocking the sun safely!

In 2017, our VIP team gathered in our courtyard (shown above) to observe that solar eclipse. We will be here again next Monday afternoon. This time we will be conducting our own “Mr Wizard-Dr. Proton” science project as we will wear something red or green that day to observe the Purkinje Effect. Jan Purkinje was a Czech phsyiologist who, in 1839, observed how the eye perceives a change in the brightness of red and other warm colors as light intensity gradually decreases at dusk, or in this case, a solar eclipse. The cones in our eyes, which function well in direct light, will not perform well as the light fades. Red will appear flat. The rods in human eyes will then kick into gear, assume their “nighttime” function so green and blue tones will be enhanced. As seen in the above picture, the blue tones are quite bright during the 2017 eclipse! Come join us next Monday and let’s find out together!

Whether you would like to use a pair of solar eclipse glasses, chat about island life or explore real estate on Sanibel and Captiva, please stop and visit the VIP Realty Sanibel & Captiva office, 1560 Periwinkle Way. Our experienced and highly-trained professional agents are here to assist!

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