VIP Agent and Best-Selling Author, Charles Sobczak, Makes J.N. “Ding” Darling Presentation

Yes, that is our colleague, Charlie Sobczak, gracing the cover of this week’s “Islander” paper! His presentation, “Surviving the Storms-Hurricanes, Humans and Wildlife” was a well-attended event at J.N.”Ding”Darling National Wildlife Refuge, Sanibel, Thursday, March 14.

Charlie has written 10 books and has had nearly 1,000 real estate transactions during his successful career on Sanibel. He is a lifelong member of the Sanibel & Captiva Conservation Foundation, Past President of the Sanibel Island Fishing Club and a member of Audubon, as well.

A naturalist, Charlie and family have lived and worked on Sanibel for several decades. He is the “man to know” when it comes to answers regarding recovery post-Ian. Not only can he advise you on finding your island dream home, Charlie can explain how a gopher tortoise can survive an 8-foot storm surge! For additional information, contact Charlie at VIP Realty, 239-472-5187. You can also read about his many books at or his real estate expertise at

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