Spring Ahead!

It’s that time of year already! Daylight Savings Time will begin this Sunday, March 10 at 2 AM. Since we will be moving our clocks ahead, we will be losing one hour of sleep. We might just need a nap on Sunday afternoon until our biological clocks reset. And that’s a good thing since power naps have been shown to be good for our health!

It is believed that napping will keep our brains larger, boosting its health and delaying the aging process as much as 3 to 6 years! Google and Samsung have pods in their offices, allowing their staff to power nap during the day. But that isn’t what I’ve observed at the VIP offices! Our youthful, rested agents, and their big brains (and bigger hearts!) must be napping on their own time! Stop in anytime! We are fully awake and ready to help you find your dream home on Sanibel and Captiva!

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Photo: Courtesy of Icon 8 Team

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