Sea Turtle Nesting Season is Here!

Year after year, sea turtles nests are laid on the beaches of Captiva and Sanibel.  The hatchlings emerge after sunset, and they navigate using the moonlight over the ocean to crawl towards the sea.  Hatchlings crawl towards artificial light, away from the water; thousand of hatchlings die every year.  Please keep our beaches dark!


April 15th to October 31st 2016.

How to Help…

  1. Fill in your holes after your day at the beach
  2. Remove all your beach furniture before sunset
  3. Avoid flashlights after dark, and never point the flashlight directly at a nesting turtle
  4. Close your curtains and blinds after dark
  5. No flash photography after 9 PM
  6. Turn off and/ or shield any and all visible light from the beach