I know you have been on the edge of your seat, wondering our propagules/mangrove seeds are progressing!

You might recall that the Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation’s Coastal Watch held an “Adopt-A-Mangrove” event on October 28. The VIP Realty Team was excited to participate in this program because we recognize how important mangroves are in protecting the shorelines of Sanibel and Captiva.

Coastal Watch Director, Kealy McNeal, said it best:

“It’s undeniable that mangroves played a crucial role in protecting Sanibel during Hurricane Ian, and unfortunately, several mangroves throughout the area were lost and need to be restored. The Adopt-A-Mangrove program is just the beginning of the process to restore our shorelines.”

Our six mangrove propagules are strategically placed in the courtyard of the VIP Realty office, 1560 Periwinkle Way. We have experimented with different spots and believe we have identified the ideal location to grow our mangrove plants. The seeds are getting the optimum sunlight without risk of drying out. VIP Realty offices are open daily so staff have committed to watering and caring for the plants every day. Once a wee, the propagules are treated to some salt water too. The plants prefer water from the gulf or bay, but a saline solution does the trick too. Just dissolve two teaspoonfuls of salt in one quart of water to make the ideal mangrove beverage!

In one short month, we have observed some slight growth at the tip of our propagules. It will take 6 to 9 months for the seeds to be ready to transplant to the shoreline. Feel free to stop by the VIP Realty Office, 1560 Periwinkle, to check on the plants and maybe take a selfie in front of our glorious Christmas tree!

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