“LIZARD BLIZZARD” Cold Snap This Week??

If you have spent any time on Sanibel and Captiva, you have probably encountered one of the many common green iguanas that live on our islands. Just like me, they don’t like the cold weather either! They become sluggish when the temperatures dip into the 50’s. 40 degree weather will put them into a state of torpor and cause them to lose their grip and fall from the trees. We will have some cool weather this week, but lucky for all of us, I don’t predict a “lizard blizzard”!

Photo by Atssar Khawaja

The common green iguana, also known as the American iguana, is a herbivore, preferring mangoes and non-native colorful flowers like hibiscus. They are considered an invasive species and may compete for habitat with the gopher tortoises by overtaking their burrows. VIP Realtor Mike Billheimer spotted this iguana visiting the VIP Realty Group Sanibel office last week. Mike, who grew up on Sanibel, wasn’t sure if it was looking for property or lunch! Fortunately, the iguana scurried away before it could take a bite of our mangrove propagules! You are most welcome to stop by VIP Realty anytime and chat with us about nature and life on the beautiful islands of Sanibel and Captiva.

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Photo by Mike Billheimer, VIP Realty Group Sanibel

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