City of Sanibel Installs Floating Island

Back in May the City of Sanibel installed a 300 square-foot, made from recycled plastic, foam mat that contains dozen of holes that are filled with hydroponic plants. The island is anchored in the middle of Apple Park pond, with a rope slack to accommodate for the changing water levels. The purpose of the Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) is to decrease the amount of excessive nutrients in the pond. Nutrients are soaked up through the plants roots from the water column. Not only is this island helping the water quality issues that effect the transparency of the pond, the oxygen depletion levels, and causing fish to die, but it is drawing in some friends to the island. Since the installation several bird species,  a banded water snake, and a resident alligator have used the new island as their new home or place to visit. To stay updated on the Apple Park pond new island, contact the City of Sanibel resource department at 472-3700 or

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