Some interesting tips!

Here are some interesting life tips you may have not known about and could help you.

  • Do you hate having bugs around your house? Well Basil can help! Basil helps repel bugs, so if you plant a few pots of Basil it will help keep bugs away and also can be used for cooking. It’s a double win.
  • Instead of having those tree shaped car fragrances dangling from your mirror, here are some easier ways to keep your car smelling the best. You can put a few sheets of fabric softener or a bowl of orange peels under your seat. Remove any food, drink cups, and wrappers from your car daily. Also rolling your windows down once in a while to allow fresh air to enter and air out your car.
  • If you’re going on a flight soon here are some food and drink hacks for you. If you take an empty water bottle you can fill it up at a water fountain once you passed security. If you bring some snacks like nuts, raw veggies, and crackers they will be better and cheaper snacks then what you will find on-board. Final hack is for tea lovers, you can make your own tea by bringing your own tea bags and just asking for hot water!
  • Having charging cables loose in a bag sometimes will get them all tangled up and could also break the cord. An easier way to store cords is in an eyeglass case; it will keep them all together and not damage the cords.