NEW sea turtle nest record

Since SCCF’s Sea Turtle program has been recording, this season Sanibel East End has broken our previous year record. In 2014 there were only 38 loggerhead nest found, then with setting regulations and raising awareness in 2015 120 nest were recorded. For this season we have continue to increase to 122 loggerhead nest were recorded. To keep those numbers going up here are some helpful tips that will make a difference:

  • After dark keep your lights off as much as possible, as the artificial lighting can confuse the turtles sense of direction to the ocean.
  • From 9pm-7am please remove all beach furniture and toys to avoid creating obstacles for the sea turtles.
  • If you dug a hole in the sand, remember to fill it up because a sea turtle can easily fall in and become venerable to predators.
  • Never ever approach a nesting sea turtle this will cause the female to abandoned her nest and unborn sea turtles.