Eye Catching Backsplashes Ideas

Nothing changes the focus of your kitchen, then a unique new backsplash. Finding the perfect pattern and style for your kitchen can be hard, but it is a fun and good way to update the space. Here are some ideas for an eye catching backsplash design, ranging from bold to chic.

1. Blue Chevron                                                                                               2. Gray and White

1                                                     2

3. Black and White Lines                                                                                  4. Earthy Stones

3                                                     4

5. Wood Panels                                                                                                   6. Colorful Grout

5                                                    6

7. Moody Texture                                                                                               8. Bold Blue

7                                                     8

9. Black With White Grout                                                                              10. Metallic Marble

9                                                                               10