DIY Project #2

This project you can make a fun, decorative yarn ball that can be used in many different ways!


Materials needed:

1.  Colored yarn

2.  White glue

3. Corn starch

4. Water

3. Balloon

4. Scissor and pin

5. Paper or tray (able to dry on an able to get glue on)

6: Bowl

Step 1: Pour equal amounts of white glue, corn starch, and water in bowl for glue mixture.

Step 2: Soak the yarn in the bowl of glue mixture.

step 3: Blow up balloon to desire size for the ball.

step 4: Take the end of the yarn soaked in glue mixture and start wrapping it around the balloon in your own decorative pattern (if using it to put something inside it, then leave an opening at the end of balloon and wrap around it).

step 5: Cut yarn when done and hold the end in place, and its suggested to add more glue mixture to area for stability.

step6: Then set on paper or tray for it to dry.

step 7: When dry take pin to pop balloon and take it out.

Now your done and can see all the ideas you can use them for below:

Image result for diy yarn ball           2      Turn leftover yarn into beautiful decorations with our help:         Image result for yarn ball chandelier diy

Decorative hanging piece                   String of lights                                    Decorative center piece bowl                          Big Chandelier