Storage DIY!

One of the biggest struggles most have with decorating is incorporating storage for their items in the design. Here is one handy way to incorporate your blanket storage in a more chic way for your new modern design. This is called a blanket ladder and it is a quick DIY!

All you need is:

  • Either a old wooden ladder already made or supplies below to make one.
  • Sandpaper
  • (2)1x2x15′ (A)
  • (5) 1x3x5′ (B)
  • Wood glue
  • Drill
  • Felt pads
  • Wood screws
  • Pencil
  • Measure tape


If have ladder:

Step One: Use sandpaper to smooth the rough wood and a wipe to clean it off.

Step Two: (Optional) You can buy wood finish to make it a different colored wood to fit your design.

Step Three: Then add felt pads to bottom so it doesn’t scratch your floors.

Step Four: Drape your blankets over each step!


From scratch:

Step One: Use sandpaper to smooth your wood before starting.

Step Two: On each letter A piece of wood mark with your pencil every 10 inches on them for the side rails.

Step Three: Pre-Drill into your pencil mark and also pre-drill into the both sides for all five letter B pieces of wood.

Step Four: (Optional) If you want to make it extra sturdy you can apply wood glue to the hole drilled sides of the letter B pieces of wood before connecting them.

Step Five: Now attach! Line up your letter B pieces of wood drilled holes with the ones on letter A pieces of wood, then take a wood screw and drill through both holes to connect them. *Helpful tip: Do the top piece first and then the bottom one second and the middle pieces last to help make it an easier attachment.

Step Six: (Optional) You can buy wood finish to make it a different colored wood to fit your design.

Step Seven: Add felt pieces to bottom of ladder so it won’t scratch your floor.

Step Eight: Decorate it with your extra blankets! Drape one or more over each step and place ladder in corner with another piece of decoration to finish your design in your room.


This is just one way to do it, you can buy shorter or taller pieces of wood and add as many steps as needed to fit your amount of extra blankets. So have fun with this DIY and make it your own!